Tim N. Kremer

Each of us has known athletes and others from many walks of life with incredible talent and ability who find ways to self-destruct because of sabotaging mental and emotional attitudes and behaviors.

Likewise, others with seemingly average and ordinary physical potential have risen to unbelievable levels of success, less because of knowledge and skill than inner qualities such as commitment, inspiration, vision, imagination, and desire.

stonewall workshop 2252)The ability to thrive and excel ultimately resides in the mind of the beholder. To this end, we come to know it is the arena of thought – and most importantly emotion – which precedes everything, athletic or otherwise, that each of us comes to achieve.

Tangible Skills, Proven Performance

Under the guidance of Spirit of Golf’s president and founder Tim N. Kremer, M.A., a former mini-tour professional and communication consultant turned visionary sports performance coach, we offer clinics and workshops that take “mind” improvement far beyond traditional psychological concepts.

Tim also works privately with an increasing number of athletes in every sport, incorporating the visionary peak performance practices he shares with PGA and LPGA Tour athletes through Spirit of Golf.

athletesWhether it is private coaching or our group events, our programs are designed to assist those who:

Want to access empowering states of confidence, trust, and other positive emotions as they practice and play
Have difficulty focusing, visualizing, or concentrating
Recognize that attitude and negative emotion (impatience, anxiety, frustration, anger) are severely limiting performance and success
Do not handle nervous pressure well (early in the round to take pressure off or later as pressure begins to mount)
Struggle with the yips, shanks, or any of golf’s countless “mind maladies”
Have tried “everything” to improve and come to believe (falsely) that nothing has or will work

240 certification programs

In addition to private coaching and group events (geared toward players of all abilities), we have added Player Development and Instructor Certification Programs and a webinar series for players and coaches who are interested in developing skills for their own games or for those who wish to coach and teach the concepts of Spirit of Golf.

Through our online store, we offer a full-line of innovative products to teach and reinforce the concepts we share for improved mind performance, including our highly-acclaimed “Skills and Drills” book – a “how to” guide with practical mental and emotional techniques for accessing states of peak performance time and again.