Private Coaching

Tim N. Kremer, M.A., President and Founder

Through his private coaching practice, Tim provides a highly personal and effective level of mind training which allows his students to advance their “total” performance – physical and mental/emotional – at a highly accelerated pace.

He now coaches a growing number of professional golfers on all of the major golf Tours (PGA, LPGA, European, Champions,, Symetra) as well as professional and highly-ranked athletes in other sports. Tim also works regularly with business and community leaders sharing the same mind/body skills he teaches through Spirit of Golf.

Sessions are conducted in person or remotely when students are traveling on their respective Tours by telephone or online (Skype, Viber).

Tim’s 2016 Private Coaching Rates are as follows:

  • Initial Consultation: 2 hours – $200
  • Hourly Client Session: 1 hour – $150
  • Six-Session Package (following initial consultation) – $650
  • On-Course Playing Lessons (Practice or Tournament Play) – 9-hole/$350, 18-hole/$600
  • Monthly Intensive Training Program – $1,000

Daily and monthly packages are available as well as longer-term retainer fees (as outlined in the Spirit of Golf 2016 Private Coaching Fee Structure).

The costs quoted above are for professional coaching fees only and do not include Tim’s travel and other out-of-pocket expenses.  These include airfare, hotels, meals, rental car and gas, golf expenses (including any greens fees or practice range fees).

Contact Tim at 772-879-1978 to discuss a private coaching arrangement.

To pay for a private coaching session, click here.


“Tim shares what I believe is an exceptionally powerful and innovative approach for anyone who wants to think or feel their way around the golf course with a better focused, less reactive mind. In fact, through Spirit of Golf, Tim delivers some skills and techniques that are unlike anything I’ve heard or seen before. I have observed firsthand the incredible progress being made by many of our students who listen to and then apply the principles that are shared on the Spirit of Golf materials (informational CDs). I have also seen a dramatic change in how I teach and play golf, as well as in many other parts of my life.”

– Nick Paez, owner of 4 Ohio GolfTEC Centers, 2013 GolfDigest Top 40 Under 40, GolfTEC Teacher of the Year, NOPGA Teacher of the Year, GolfDigest Top 100 Fitter America

“For years I kept preparing for my season the same way; expecting better results and not seeing much change.  I got to a point a year ago when, even though I was a 4-5 handicap, tournament golf and golf in general was not that much fun. The results I was getting by “grinding it out” on the range and the course were not worth the effort.  After consulting Tim I gained a totally new perspective on “the game.”  By learning to incorporate very isolated and powerful breathing techniques, as well as other practices he shares, I brought my game to a much higher level.  I spent two days full days with Tim on the course and, thanks to a new mental and emotional mindset, had no mechanical thoughts and played great golf. More importantly, I had more fun playing than I have had in the past two years. I highly recommend that golfers who want to perform at their highest level visit Tim and learn his tools for better golf.”

– Matt Layman, Minneapolis, MN